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About 5 Moons

Our History

What is 5 Lunas Producciones

We are an artist management and representation office that pays special attention to progressive rock with roots and art rock in general.

In 5 LUNAS PRODUCCIONES we focus mainly on music “made in Andalusia” and, especially, Andalusian rock born in the 70s and the current groups that follow in its wake.

We work so that the musicians we represent are present in the most suitable circuits for their promotion. We offer them a record and audiovisual production where they can reflect their talent and make their dreams come true. We collaborate with event organizers, promoters of venues, concerts and festivals, town halls and other productions.

We organize Master Classes, presentations, talks and conferences of a cultural nature. We are preparing another project called “Music Schools”. We offer graphic design to develop creative ideas professionally and a merchandising catalog that can promote and at the same time satisfy fans and followers. It is important to note that we have created our record label that is growing day by day, that with dedication and professionalism we make a production from the first idea of the album to put it in the hand completely finished. We are constantly working to offer new opportunities and discover new values.

On this website we offer the maximum information about the artists with whom we work so that at the time of their hiring all the details about them are available. The most important thing is our online store so that you can comfortably access the articles of the 5 Lunas catalog (own production) and even other productions, to concentrate the maximum of products in the same place. Review the news section, where we will be aware of the most important news to keep up to date. And finally, we have a section called “Your corner” so you can share your album reviews, opinions, ideas and your literary concerns.

I think we have created a fabric stitched by hand, in an artisanal way and threaded with pure feeling. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Juan Antonio Vergara


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