5 Lunas Producciones presents the second album of the group SCALADEI with the name of “School of pure soul”. SCALADEI is a Spanish progressive rock band based in Catalonia that is currently formed by former members of the group “Harnakis”. SCALADEI published in a self-produced and self-published way his first album called “The swing of things” receiving very favorable reviews from the international media of the progressive world. This new project with sound of the prog of the 70’s is a conceptualized work of ideas developed with very good work recorded in 10 songs with a total of more than an hour of duration. We bet on them because they have very good international projection and cover the expectations of the progressive listener.

With this work, 5 Lunas Producciones opens its range looking for new markets always in the direction of progressive rock. Until now, special attention has been paid to emerging progressive rock groups with roots from Andalusia and some consolidated artists and groups such as Andrés Olaegui (Guadalquivir) or the pioneering group of Spanish hard rock such as the Storm. We will support the new initiatives of the Spanish progressive at the national level that are really worthwhile.

The band consists of: Enric Pascual (vocals, drums, keyboard, mellotron), Santi Calero (electric, rhythm and acoustic guitar) and Sam Calero (bass)



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