Third album of the Cordovan band ARÁBIGA, where they manage to maintain their roots but nevertheless reach an important evolution in their current sound. The experience is manifested in this work and 5 Lunas bets on them because it is undoubtedly a beautiful project that guarantees the continuity of rock with roots in Andalusia.

“Loves and disappointments” tells us the two faces of love, yin and yang. That of the oasis of sensitivity full of tender caresses or that part that hurts. The one when in your eyes you draw theirs with a brush of dreams, or the one when you look for love and find contempt. When you throw your heart into the air and sigh at the wind or when you carry that love in your heart, but it is tied to other arms and on top, it takes your memories. The one when you embrace in the same melody and get entangled in your body stopping time or when love leaves us wounds that take time to heal.

Mahatma Gandhi said that “where there is love there is life”, Teresa of Calcutta said that “life is love, enjoy it” and the philosopher Plato said that “music calmed the soul”.

Love, value and respect.

Juan Antonio Vergara Soto (5 Lunas Producciones)


The album comes out on CD but its presentation format is in DVD case, the graphic design seems to ask for it and as we wanted the band and 5 Lunas to do something different, because we thought of this presentation. The catalogue reference is 5LPCD011.



01 Dreams of a sultan

02 Despair

03 A Life to Live

04 Heading south

05 Face to face

06 Falling in love

07 The Dance of Love

08 Where are you going?

09 I have to be honest

10 Leaving half a life behind

11 The Day We Said No

12 How much we have changed!


Reference: 5LPCD011




Artists : Arabian, Discs 5 Moons
Format : CD