5 Lunas Producciones releases the fourth solo album of the legendary rocker from Córdoba RANDY LÓPEZ. A conceptualized album entitled “Apocalypse?” that makes us reflect on the current world where we live, and where it can take us if we do not remedy. Randy brings us a powerful and progressive rock, but this time, we are sure he is going to surprise. His experience and mastery is evident after his time in bands like EXPRESIÓN, MEZQUITA or MEDINA AZAHARA and after his three previous solo albums, he now offers us his new illusion, which 5 Lunas welcomes and gives it the form of a CD.

Nine very well worked songs, with an impressive voice, with magnificent guitars and keyboards of important musicians who have collaborated with Randy (Ángel Ruíz-Storm, Paco Roscka-Mezquita, Juanma Rodríguez-Sherish and Juan Luis Pantoja). Randy’s followers and progressive lovers will surely receive this work with great joy and enjoy its content enormously.

5 Lunas Producciones believes in RANDY LÓPEZ and his compositional and musical creativity, that’s why we present “Apocalipsis?” in ecological digifile CD with Ref. 5LPCD008 to incorporate it into its catalog of published albums.



01 Signs in the sky

02 Apocalypse

03 My neighborhood is no longer my neighborhood

04 Cardboard knives

05 Past, present and future

06 Curse

07 Who pulls the strings of the world?

08 A world without love

09 Thorns and roses


Ángel Ruíz (STORM): Guitars on “Señales en el cielo” and “Pasado, presente y futuro”

Roscka López (MEZQUITA): Keyboards in the “Past, present and future”

Juanma Rodríguez (SHERISH): Keyboards on “Mi barrio ya no es mi barrio”, “Navajas de cartón” and “Espinas y rosas”

Juan Luis Pantoja: Guitars on “Apocalipsis”, “Navajas de cartón”, “Maldición”, “¡Quién mueve los hilos del mundo?” and “Un mundo sin amor”

Rafael Gil: Guitars on “Espinas y rosas”


Reference: 5LPCD008




Artists : Discs 5 Moons, Randy Lopez
Format : CD