“Crónicas del viento” was composed in 2009 but for different reasons it remained stuck in time, in a drawer, until fourteen years later, a gale called 5 Lunas, was determined that this project would see the light. OMNI means “Everything”, and in this album everything is emotion, everything is sensations, everything is united and at the same time everything is released.

This fourth album by the band from El Puerto de Santa María is a narrative of facts and sensibilities with musical passages of multiple influences. It comes to close a cycle of the band where they invite important musicians to have a musical feast with them, making them enjoy, live and share harmonies and feelings.

Sit down with me to listen to this album and you will notice how the warm wind of my land will make you fall in love little by little, it will seduce you (as we say here) and flood you with magic. They say that words are carried away by the wind, but it also brings us that sea breeze with contagious sounds, that wind that howls and hits your window, and that air that undresses the most beautiful bodies and the most cultured minds.

Fourteen songs are recorded, one of them being a bonus track (a new version of “Tras el puente”, which appears on the band’s first album). In track 13, Diego Ruiz and Tato Macías play a “Tormenta de arena” where they play drums first one, then the other and finally both together.

We have respected the original essence of the songs and we have given it a modern touch to achieve this quality compact sound that the two CDs have. We have surrounded ourselves with fantastic musicians and friends to share the experience by collaborating in the recording, in the bars and in the laughter.

The result is a double CD with almost two hours of symphonic rock music that we present in a three-piece ecological digipack with the reference 5LPCD013 and we hope that it will be to the liking of their long-time followers plus those who will join them.



01 Intro (Calm Levant)

02 Wind Chronicles

03 The Spiral

04 Memories of the Unicorn

05 Sa Foradada

06 Two Banks

07 The Tree and the Rain

08 Dance of the Winds


09 Imad el Marino

10 Picacho Cross

11 First Light of Dawn

12 Terral

13 Sandstorm

Bonus Track

14 Behind the Bridge


Band musicians:

MIKE STARRY: Lead guitar, keyboards and synthesizers

SALVADOR VÉLEZ: Guitars and voice

IÑAKI EGAÑA: Bass and backing vocals

TATO MACÍAS: Drums and Percussion

Collaborating musicians:

PEPE TORRES: Sax and flutes on tracks 2, 3 4 and 6

DIEGO RUIZ (Storm): Drums in track 4 and in track 13 together with Tato Macías.

JUANMA RODRÍGUEZ: Keyboards and synthesizers on tracks 9 and 12

LUISDA GARCÍA: Keyboards and synthesizers on tracks 1, 5, 6, 8 and 14

KIKO VEGA: Keyboards and synthesizers on tracks 1 and 2

VICTOR M. MATEOS “WILLY”: Keyboards and synthesizers in tracks 3, 4, 7, 10 and piano and synth in track 11.

CHARLIE DURÁN: Bass on tracks 12 and 14

All songs composed by Mike Starry and Salvador Vélez except Tormenta de Arena composed by Tato Macías and Diego Ruiz.

Arrangements: Mike Starry, Iñaki Egaña, Salvador Vélez, Tato Macías, Luisda García, Victor Manuel Mateos “Willy”, Juanma Rodriguez and Kiko Vega.

Lyrics: Salvador Vélez

Artistic and Executive Producer: Juan Antonio Vergara Soto (5 Lunas Producciones)

Recorded at: Audiorama Studios by Javier Rondán and Mike Starry

Mixed at: Audiorama Studios by Javier Rondán, Tato Macías and Juan Antonio Vergara Soto.

Mastered at: TNT Mastering

Graphic design and cover: Salvador Vélez (Totem GrafiArt)



Reference: 5LPCD013



Artists : Discs 5 Moons, Omni
Format : CD