Legacy - DELOLA

5 LUNAS PRODUCCIONES presents in CD Digipack format the latest album of DELOLA, a personal project of the Malaga guitarist Juan Delola. A very original album that comes at a time when it seems that there is a resurgence of the so-called Andalusian rock, several decades after its birth and before the need to preserve more than ever our musical identity. “LEGADO” is the name that Juan Delola chooses for his new album and celebrate his 25 years in music. In this new work he is surrounded by very important guest artists, components of legendary groups of Andalusian rock such as MEDINA AZAHARA, ALAMEDA and GUADALQUIVIR, or more current as ZAGUÁN. Juan Delola composes, produces and plays electric and flamenco guitar on this album. The voices are put by PEPE ROCA (ALAMEDA), MANUEL MARTÍNEZ (MEDINA AZAHARA) and MIGUEL ZAGUÁN (ZAGUÁN). It is very important to note that musicians from MEDINA AZAHARA such as PACO VENTURA (electric guitar) or MANUEL IBAÑEZ (keyboards and vocals), from ALAMEDA as JOSÉ CARLOS ROCA (cello), or from GUADALQUIVIR as the guitarists ANDRÉS OLAEGUI and EL MANGLIS.

After the success of his show “Noche Andaluza, Homenaje al Rock Andaluz”, DELOLA presents a new album of shamelessly Andalusian rock, transmitting that LEGACY left us by the masters who accompany him in this incredible work and many others that we all know.

It is the consolidation of DELOLA, further proof of his love for Andalusian rock and he is willing to maintain his continuity. The experience of the band that accompanies him is a guarantee and the proof of this is the result of this production, recorded, mixed and mastered in the best studios in Andalusia. 5 LUNAS PRODUCCIONES bets strongly on DELOLA with the fabulous production of this album, which you can not miss. LEGACY can not miss in your private nightclub.


01 Sueños (With Pepe Roca and José C. Roca from ALAMEDA)

02 Nela

03 Siempre contigo (With Manuel Martínez, Paco Ventura and Manuel Ibáñez de MEDINA AZAHARA)

04 To the south (With Luís Cobo “Manglis” and Andrés Olaegui from GUADALQUIVIR)

05 Se marchó la luz del sol (With Miguel Zaguán de ZAGUÁN)

Reference: 5LPCD003


Format: CD Digipack

Legacy (2020) – DELOLA (CD)

Artist : Discs 5 Moons
Format : CD