When SHERISH recorded “El candil” in 2017 it did not belong to the office of 5 Lunas Producciones. Now we rescue this first work by making new mixes and mastering, to enhance to the maximum the values and magic that that recording contained. The compositional quality and the waste of energy that it gives off, deserved the effort so that 5 Lunas can enjoy again its audience and followers of the band.

SHERISH is one of the most prosperous groups of Andalusian progressive rock, with a marked Andalusian sound of arabesque passages and a great forcefulness in its rhythmic base. Another exponent of the so-called new Andalusian rock who aspire to take the baton of the legacy left by their legendary teachers and musicians who are still their sources of inspiration.

5 LUNAS PRODUCCIONES presents this reissue in Digifile and vinyl CD format, totally ecological and very careful. With this edition 5 Lunas wants to give continuity to the legacy of Andalusian rock.

Reference: 5LPCD004


The collaborations of this album are:

Fernando Caro: Flamenco voice and complaining in “Follow your way”

José Anillo: Flamenco voice and complaining in “Busco en tu mirada” and “Libertad”

Randy López (Mezquita-Ex Medina Azahara): Quejío in “Rock andaluz”

Paco Delgado (Cai): Electric guitar on “Rock andaluz”

Fae Ramos (Los Delinques – Gipsy Rock): Handclaps, cajón and percussion

José Manuel Muñoz: Flamenco guitar

Lucas Valderrama: Angelic voice in “Sé la verdad”

Jesús Melli and Mª José de la Flor: Backing vocals


01 I want to live

02 Follow your way (feat. Fernando Caro)

03 Busco en tu mirada (feat. José Anillo)

04 I know the truth

05 Andalusian Rock

06 The lamp

07 Freedom



Artists : Discs 5 Moons, Sherish
Format : CD