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OMNI was born in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) in 1989. Its musicians came from bands such as ALQUIMIA or SINCOPAO. In 1990 they recorded “TRAS EL PUENTE” with the important collaboration of keyboardist CHANO DOMINGUEZ. In 2002 they recorded “EL VALS DE LOS DUENDES” being released by Luna Negra (Mexico) and Musea (France) and the following year it was also published by Mylodon Records (Chile) and Rock Symphony (Brazil). The edition we have obtained some units for distribution is the Brazilian edition. Later in 2007 they released “SOLO FUEO UN SUEÑO” as an independent project and at present they are immersed in the recording of their fourth album “CRÓNICAS DEL VIENTO” that 5 Lunas will publish this year. OMNI’s music is a delicate and nuanced progressive rock in the purest Anglo-Saxon style as for example the group CAMEL, but with its own style of jazz-rock-fusion.

According to all the specialized reviews, “EL VALS DE LOS DUENDES” is the highest quality album of the OMNI group so far, hence our interest in locating these units for those who have not been able to get it.

The Waltz of the Goblins (2003) – OMNI

Artists : Omni, Other Productions
Format : CD