Third solo work by one of the founding members of the Andalusian rock group Guadalquivir: ANDRÉS OLAEGUI. Guitarist who makes a jazz-rock fusion with flamenco roots, fruit of the union with three other musicians with a long career in different genres of music.

Moments in life to give and take, changing emotions that come and go, roads that lead nowhere, living in a dream looking for freedom.

He worked accompanying numerous artists such as Noel Soto, Cecilia, Alcatraz, Albert Hammond or Miguel Ríos, with whom he participates in his album “Al Ándalus” as a musician and composer.

Great work recorded by 5 Lunas in a CD edited in Digipack format that manages to delight his many followers with this new solo project.

It is accompanied by:

Ricardo Rodero: Sax

Luis Abela: Drums

Javier Santana: Electric bass


01 Montuno

02 Throughout the day

03 In the square

04 Liquid element

05 Take and Daka

06 No Man’s Land

07 Empty Shadows

08 Mercy

09 Parallel worlds

10 Talking about time

Reference: 5LPCD001


Format: CD Digipack


Artist : Discs 5 Moons
Format : CD