The record labels Mylodon Records of Chile and 5 Lunas of Spain signed a collaborative agreement to strengthen the dissemination and distribution of the artists and products of each record company.

This was confirmed by Juan Barrenechea, representative of the Chilean label and his counterpart Juan Antonio Vergara, director of 5 Lunas, who ratified this strategic alliance that will include the exclusive distribution of their works in their respective territories from this year.

“Today it is very necessary to promote collaborative models. We are very happy to link up with 5 Lunas, since along with what is related to record distribution, we also want to generate common circuits for presentations of our artists, “said Barrenechea.

“Today we have to unite more than ever, together we can achieve better goals. We are very satisfied with this interesting agreement that expands the radius of international activity of the two firms”, commented Juan Antonio Vergara.

5 Lunas is a label, based in Andalusia, which includes great groups of Spanish progressive rock, especially of Andalusian tradition, such as Storm, Mezquita and Sherish, among many others.

It should be noted that the first testimony of this agreement will be reflected in the participation of Storm and Mezquita in the tenth version of the Santiago Art Rock Festival, on February 5 and 6.

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