Very close to the release of the fifth album of the Jerez group ONZA, we are going to reveal the cover of “Divergencia y Convergenvia”. It is our last production in 5 Moons, a work in which we bet blindly again. This time it is not an emerging group, but a long-lived band of Andalusian and national progressive rock. We are excited again with another project full of experience where we believe that progressive lovers will love it.

Different presentation with colors not used in the previous covers of the group. It is released in two modes: with the reference 5LPCD007 for its CD format and with the reference 5LPUSB002 for the pen drive format with audio, photos, song lyrics, etc. In this way we bring our music to the most modern audio playback systems such as smart TVs, sound bars, car players, portable speakers, etc.

The launch is scheduled for the last week of September of this 2021, we will announce it in our networks and will be available in the online store of 5 Lunas Producciones, in the concerts and soon on all digital platforms.

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