For the month of March 5 Lunas has planned several important novelties. New music videos will be released, new concerts will be published and we will also announce a couple of new record productions. First of all the so requested and at the same time so desired by the band, the first album of VÁNDALUS, a Sevillian band that joins us strongly with ANAIRT, to captain the new Andalusian rock.

The second production will be the album of a band from Granada called VAREKAI, which are presented in the market with the title “I feel alive”. Classic rock band but with the particularity that the voice is flamenco and that gives a very personal touch to the band. We will publish his new video clip of the single “Vivo”.

With ANAIRT we have prepared the launch of several video clips under the baton of film director Jesús Ponce, with which we will try to reach much more audience. We are preparing to expand our networks of action and make ANAIRT much better known.

On the other hand, with the Cadiz room El Pelícano we have reached an agreement to promote our bands and we will have a concert the following days:

  • Saturday, March 12 VANDALUS IN CONCERT
  • Saturday, March 19 ANAIRT IN CONCERT
  • Monday, April 1 ONZA IN CONCERT

And for March 18 we are preparing a big party at the Sala EVEN in Seville to present the album of VÁNDALUS

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