STORM is a legendary Spanish progressive hard rock band from Seville that emerged in 1969 and toured throughout the Iberian Peninsula, raising its fame like foam. They were something new, a sound more typical of the foreigner than of here. When they arrive in Barcelona they are recognized by the press as one of the great bands of this country, along with Machine or Iceberg. In 1974 they recorded their first LP “The Storm”, reaching the highest positions of the national charts. With this album they toured and their concerts were daily. They obtain great popularity, in an outstanding way in the community of Madrid, Catalonia and the entire northern area, especially Bilbao in the Basque Country and Navarra. So much so that music critics said that the next step had to be to go abroad, Spain became too small. This first disc is considered one of the most precious jewels of record collectors around the world, getting to pay a lot of money for it.

On December 13, 1974, Queen arrived in Spain with their tour “Sheer Heart Attack” at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes in Barcelona with The Storm as the opening act. The Sevillians make a memorable performance leaving the Queen totally impressed with the musical energy that the Storm give off. They receive public congratulations from Freddie Mercury himself and Queen’s manager. So spectacularly they did, that the representative of the British band proposes to the manager of Storm to make a European tour with them and a juicy record contract with the EMI label. Storm’s manager at the time, Jose Luis Fernández de Córdoba, did not know how to manage it correctly and missed that great opportunity.

The Spanish television (TVE) dedicates a special of its own and continue to remain one of the emerging promises of the country, but the times were difficult and they are called to compulsory military service. Everything vanishes, dreams escape and when they come back everything is very different. Bands like Triana appear and musical currents begin to change. In 1979 they recorded their second album called “El día de la tormenta”. They return to the stage until in 1981 the group dissolves, and the musicians dedicate themselves to teaching in conservatories and playing other types of music. In 2004 the keyboardist of the group died and they decided to meet to do three concerts in his honor. From 2006 they return to the stages acclaimed by an audience that never forgot them.

In 2013 they published “Lost in Time”, a collector’s edition of their first two albums on CD. His audience wants new songs and collecting ideas they decide in 2014 to record their fourth album, third studio, under the name “Trilogía”. This album makes them recharge their batteries and continue their concerts without interruption, until in 2019 they prepare something much more important. It is the 50th ANNIVERSARY of the band and they celebrate it by recording a new powerful album on vinyl, as in the old days, surprising again, recovering their origins but at the same time according to the times. It impacts your cover and presentation. It is his fourth studio album “Cyber dream”, also released on CD, and which has very important collaborations of musicians from Obús, Medina Azahara, Lujuria and Ex Barón Rojo.

They begin to tour again, willing to recover their usual audience and of course, the young people who are admired when they see them live. Because they maintain the strength, spontaneity and forcefulness of always. 50 ANNIVERSARY is a party that Storm wants to share with their audience and offer the songs that launched them to success: “It’s all right”, “I don’t know”, “Woman mine”, “El día de la tormenta”, etc., in addition to the newly composed songs. They receive 2020 with a spectacular double LP recorded live that they have called “Storm Live”.

They present themselves with more enthusiasm than ever, the pioneers, the genuine, the storm… STORM. A rock show for young and old that will leave the public with their mouths open, with a masterful show worthy of what they are: masters and pioneers of rock in our country.



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OMNI – CHRONICLES OF THE WIND (copia) (copia) (copia) (copia) (copia) (copia)

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OMNI – CHRONICLES OF THE WIND (copia) (copia) (copia)






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