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In 1995 ANAIRT was born and at the same time, a beautiful and
powerful friendship that will mark them forever, in which their
Experiences are told in the form of songs inspired by his
roots but with his personal stamp. The group grew up hearing the
songs by Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Alameda or Medina
Azahara, but above all, Triana. The music, the lyrics and the
Triana’s sound impacts them enormously. So much so that
were reflected in them and, as in a mirror, the name appears
of the band. ANAIRT make a progressive rock that smells like
land that saw them born. Its sound is based on the purest
essence of what was called Andalusian rock. Keyboards with
seventies atmospheres, classical pianos, guitars showing
from the most sensitive to the most powerful distortion and a voice
main with a very marked complaint. Important to highlight the
second voice doing choirs, which give their songs a fresh air
which accentuates its flamenco root.
This is their first work, where they gather those ideas that
They kept and played live for so long. They put them in
hands of 5 Lunas Producciones and we decided to make them new
Arrangements to record them in studio and give birth to this album. Changes
modifications, harmonies, new solos, new sounds, which
Place in a cocktail and mix it with
feeling, passion for this music and affection, and the result is
“Our time.” The content of his compositions will tell us
Wrap in a halo with beautiful and beautiful Andalusian passages
full of feelings. Those who were their idols share with them this illusion and
They manage to give it added value. We have the
prestigious collaborations of Pepe Roca (Alameda), Randy
López (Mezquita and Medina Azahara), Diego and Angel Ruíz
(Storm). Every dream that comes true must be dressed
with the best galas, and they have decided to do it with a cover
Conceptualized. A creation in the avant-garde and different from the
habitual, with a development of exquisite artistic expression that
He will speak for his courage. Sticking to “our time” with
Images of asexual silhouettes clinging to freedom, to the
music, to its roots, looking for equality, life and color…
A visual marvel created by artist Alicia Vergara Díaz.
When live music is at one of its worst
moments, and records are not sold, ANAIRT grows. And think
that it is your time, you never have to give up, it is “Our time”.
time”, we go pa’lante and, as they say: “no pasa ná”,
We will get out of all this. 5 Lunas Producciones and ANAIRT
we present “OUR TIME” in two different formats,
CD and as a novelty in USB, to adapt to the new
playback systems (Smart TV, sound bars, new
vehicles, etc.), which we defend with courage, with rock spirit
and Andalusian, bare-faced and with all the support and confidence
of our firm.


01 A Paper Airplane (4:57)
(Collaboration: Cajón y palmas de Raúl Rivas.
Guitar by Juan Espinosa)

02 Breathe Your Air (6:11)
(Collaboration: Congas by Raúl Rivas)

03 No pasa ná (3:56)
(Collaboration: Bass and voice of Randy López – MEZQUITA and EX MEDINA AZAHARA. Drawer and palms
by Raúl Rivas. Guitar by Juan Espinosa)

04 Escape from You (5:06)
(Collaboration: Guitar by Juan Espinosa)

05 Punished Is the Mind (3:40)

06 There’s Nothing Left (6:15)

07 Climb Steps (4:44)
(Collaboration: Cajón y palmas de Raúl Rivas.
Guitar by Juan Espinosa)

08 I Want (7:22)
(Collaboration: Voice of Pepe Roca – ALAMEDA.
Palms of Raúl Rivas)

09 A Party of Colors (6:18)
(Collaboration: Solo final guitar by Ángel Ruíz

10 Our Time Is Over (3:19)
(Collaboration: Diego Ruíz Drums –

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