VAREKAI is a rock band with Andalusian roots that was born in Albolote (Granada) in 2014 where they gradually forged their own sound combining the diverse musical influences of its members. It took a few years to coin their definitive name of VAREKAI, a word of Romani origin that means everywhere and that fits perfectly with the philosophy of the band that has undergone various stages and formations.

With the passage of time, today it is a consolidated band with perfectly oiled machinery. Once again, as usual, 5 Lunas Producciones supports the initiative of emerging rock bands made in Andalusia and we publish the first album of this band called “Me siento vivo” (I feel alive). The mixture of classic rock and the flamenco voice of its frontman makes VAREKAI a unique band that moves like a fish in water on stage, with live performances that leave no one indifferent. They make rock`akí (rock`akí, as they say). The strength of rock and Andalusian feeling in an interesting fusion with roots.

Recorded entirely at La Madre Studios (Deifontes, Granada) by sound technician David Sutil and produced by 5 Lunas. The graphic design is by the Granada artist Iris García Carvajal (Cristalyum), and we have had the collaboration of José Fermín Fernández playing the flamenco guitar in “Te debo tanto”.

5 Lunas Producciones and VAREKAI will surprise with this album demonstrating the degree of health that currently enjoys our music made in Andalusia. We present “Me siento vivo” in two different and ecological formats, on CD digifile with Ref. 5LPCD009 and as a novelty in USB, to adapt to new playback systems (Smart TV, sound bars, new vehicles, etc.), with Ref. 5LPUSB003.



01 Broken hands

02 I remember

03 Vilma

04 Thomas

05 Coward

06 Until when

07 Live

08 I owe you so much

09 Pistons

10 The air farmhouse



José Fermín Fernández: Flamenco guitar in “Te debo tanto”.

Reference: 5LPCD009




Artists : Discs 5 Moons, Varekai
Format : CD