The recording sessions and mixes of ANAIRT’s first album were completed. The team of professionals with whom 5 Lunas Producciones works, has dedicated time and affection to the dream of the Sevillian band. It is currently in the process of mastering with analog equipment to achieve a “warm” sound, like our land. Alicia Vergara, responsible for the cover and graphic design of the album, is also giving the finishing touches so that the result is as attractive as possible.

We believe that it will be liked by the public and the most loyal followers of ANAIRT, we will pleasantly surprise them, because there are issues that from our point of view have improved a lot.

If everything goes according to plan, we will have “Nuestro tiempo”, which is the name of the album, in the first week of July. Now is the time for ANAIRT and all lovers of music and progressive rock with roots, our Andalusian rock.

Flame on, and no one thinks of blowing to extinguish it.

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