The poster of the STORM documentary is released where the names of all the people who were interviewed to provide information appear. It was delivered on Canal Sur TV and we eagerly await its first broadcast so that all the public can enjoy it.

As we all know, the end of the documentary was surrounded by tragedy due to the death of its producer: Kiko Medina. Kiko was an endearing, affectionate person who also bet on Storm by gambling his own money to make the documentary. Wherever Kiko is, he is sure to be proud that his bet and his latest project has been completed thanks to the insistence and dedication of Jesús Ponce and the new film production company (Saint-Denis Producciones) that took over to finish it. In this way KMPC presents a production by Kiko Medina in collaboration with Saint-Denis Producciones with the participation of Canal Sur Radio and Television. The Storm themselves say that behind them there is always like a black hand that hinders almost everything they do, but honestly in 5 Lunas Producciones we have always bet strongly on them and we will continue to do so. Together, I am sure that we will displace that hand definitively. It’s coming for you, Kiko.

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