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5 Lunas Producciones publica una mini colección de dos CDs numerados a mano (sólo 500 unidades) de los dos primeros discos de STORM (The Storm y El día de la tormenta). Se pueden adquirir de forma individual por separado (12 €) o en un pack con los dos CDs mas económico especial para coleccionistas (20 €).

La particularidad es que en esta edición especial se mejoró el sonido notablemente con las técnicas actuales y posteriormente se aplicó una remasterización para darle un plus de calidad.

Como curiosidad podemos decir que “El día de la tormenta” nunca se publicó en CD de forma individual y en esta edición podemos encontrar un Bonus Track del tema “Lejos de la civilización” con una estructura diferente a la original. Esta es la forma que Diego Ruiz siempre quiso darle a esta canción.



The release of “STORM LIVE – 50 years of storm” was planned just when the happy pandemic jumped and obviously we had to leave it on standby due to the lack of concerts. 5 Lunas Producciones thinks it is time to edit it and we are also going to do it with its dose of surprise, with a spectacular presentation because it will be in digipack of four bodies, with two CDs and two booklets. It also contains three more tracks that do not appear on the double vinyl version. We really published all the songs that were played in that concert, because due to space problems on the vinyl, those three songs we had to sacrifice for that reason.

We think that we are going to satisfy a large audience because they do not stop asking us about the CD version of this live concert of the STORM and here we have it already.

The launch date is scheduled for Friday, July 8, but from next Friday, July 1, it can be booked on our website.



According to the information published today by the newspaper “Ideal” of Granada, on Sunday 5 will be broadcast a report of advance of the Documentary “STORM” on Canal Sur TV. The program will be “Una de cine” from 7:00 p.m.

The full documentary will be broadcast in early 2022

After its premiere on the big screen at the recent Seville European Film Festival and last week opening the XVI Mérida Unpublished Film Festival with a concert by the band after the screening, it is time to see it on the small screen, to be able to enter all corners of Andalusia.

Great bet of its director Jesús Ponce, great bet of its producer Kiko Medina (KMPC), great bet of Saint-Denis Productions to finish the project and great bet of Canal Sur TV to support the music of our land.

Enjoy it!



Everything seems to take shape and even coincide. On the one hand, the documentary that the film director Jesús Ponce, has been in charge of bringing the story of STORM to the big screen, premieres at the Seville Film Festival. And on the other hand Xavi Méndez has written the book of STORM “AN ELECTRIFYING STORM!” that Editorial Milenio publishes on November 9, In it also tells the story of the band full of anecdotes and very interesting testimonies. Somehow STORM becomes fashionable. Obviously that will help our hiring to participate in concerts, because live is what the band really likes.

“AN ELECTRIFYING STORM!” we can send you personally and manually signed by the musicians of STORM so that this fabulous document has an added value. History and culture of rock in your hands.

The book is presented in a size of 158 x 210 mm, with 158 pages and with rustic covers with flaps. You can now make your reservation at the following link: https://5lunas.net/producto/libro-una-tormenta-electrizante-storm/


The poster of the STORM documentary is released where the names of all the people who were interviewed to provide information appear. It was delivered on Canal Sur TV and we eagerly await its first broadcast so that all the public can enjoy it.

As we all know, the end of the documentary was surrounded by tragedy due to the death of its producer: Kiko Medina. Kiko was an endearing, affectionate person who also bet on Storm by gambling his own money to make the documentary. Wherever Kiko is, he is sure to be proud that his bet and his latest project has been completed thanks to the insistence and dedication of Jesús Ponce and the new film production company (Saint-Denis Producciones) that took over to finish it. In this way KMPC presents a production by Kiko Medina in collaboration with Saint-Denis Producciones with the participation of Canal Sur Radio and Television. The Storm themselves say that behind them there is always like a black hand that hinders almost everything they do, but honestly in 5 Lunas Producciones we have always bet strongly on them and we will continue to do so. Together, I am sure that we will displace that hand definitively. It’s coming for you, Kiko.

STORM AND MOSQUE at the X Santiago Art Rock International Festival (February 5 and 6, 2021)

On February 5 and 6, 2021, the Santiago Art Rock Festival is celebrated in its tenth edition that will last two days. 5 Lunas Producciones has had the honor of collaborating with Mylodón Records.

The first of the days will be the Friday 5th with the participation of MOSQUE among other great groups of international progressive rock.

The second day will be the Saturday 6 Where it participates STORM. The festival will start at 01:00 hours in Spain, 21:00 hours in Chile (4 hours time difference)

Everyone who can enjoy it has the opportunity to do so for free in streaming by clicking on this link.


Storm – Documentary

A fabulous documentary is being shot about the history of the group STORM, a pioneer of hard rock in Spain. Interviews and testimonies of important musicians, producers and journalists, endorse this magnificent film. The director of the project is the filmmaker Jesús Ponce who with an important production team behind is getting a spectacular job. We will continue to provide news about it so that you are informed.

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