Yesterday, Wednesday, June 9, the latest album of 5 Lunas was presented in Jerez. This is the reissue of the first and only album so far, by the Jerez group Sherish: “El Candil”. The place chosen was the room La Guarida del Ángel, where musicians, professionals and amateurs coincided who were welcomed with a glass of Xerez.

The event was presented in a very natural and close way by Salvador Vélez Cortés who began by talking about Sherish’s career and the links that since its inception always existed with 5 Lunas. He spoke of the importance of the continuity of Andalusian rock and the role that Sherish takes in keeping the flame burning, among other things hence the name “El Candil”. Later took the floor Juanma Rodríguez, keyboardist of Sherish, who on behalf of his colleagues showed the gratitude and support that the band has always received by the fans and especially by the producer that represents them. He commented anecdotes and experiences of the recording of the album and showed his happiness for this edition. Then Juan Antonio Vergara Soto, on behalf of 5 Lunas, commented details of the production of this reissue and expressed pride and satisfaction with the level of finish of the work. The notable improvements in the audio and graphic design (Totem GrafiArt) of the album were also highlighted and ended talking about the recording that is being carried out of Sherish’s second album and all the record projects that 5 Lunas Producciones has underway for this year.

He also attended the event as a representative of the legendary musicians of Andalusian rock, Andrés Olaegui (guitar of the group Guadalquivir), a musician in whom at the beginning of 5 Lunas the producer trusted him by publishing his third solo album and the first for the producer. He also talked about his new musical projects. Another musician who was called to take the stage was Mike Starry (Omni) who talked about the album that 5 Lunas is producing with them and that in the world of progressive rock has raised a lot of expectation, it will be Omni’s fourth. And to end the act, José Ramón Sánchez of the Nashville Studio also took the stage and thanked 5 Lunas for having them again on this occasion, because they are also united by many links with Sherish who was commenting.

The attendees could hear and acquire the album while various Sherish merchandising and between applause an act of coexistence was ended where everyone agreed that it was really worth deciding to make an edition with quality of that dream that four young people had in 2017.

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