We reveal the cover of the first album of the Granada group VAREKAI. The cover design and all the graphic part was commissioned by the artist Iris García (Cristalyum) who, as you will see, has done a great and beautiful work of creativity. 5 Lunas Producciones will present this work in two different formats, in DIgipack and in DigiUSB with an inner booklet containing the lyrics of the songs and all the information of the album.

With this album VAREKAI become known as a new option of rock in Andalusia. The musical basis of VAREKAI is a very powerful classic rock that they mix with the flamenco voice of their singer, offering a very peculiar result that of course, generates their own sound where they develop their original creations and compositions. We are convinced that they will surprise more than one, that’s why 5 Lunas Producciones bets on them.

The physical discs on CD and USB will be available next Thursday, June 2. It can be obtained in our online store (https://5lunas.net/producto-categoria/discos/), at concerts and in some physical and online stores dedicated to music.

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