Important news for the followers of the Cordovan group based in Lucena ARÁBIGA, and for the followers of 5 LUNAS. Arábiga and 5 LUNAS reached an agreement to produce and publish the band’s third album with our label. The album will be called “Amores y desengaños” and will be composed of 12 new songs that have been recorded with renewed ideas and some changes in the formation of the band, but maintaining the backbone of Mario (guitar), Pepe (keyboards) and Raúl (bass).

We believe that it will be very well received by the entire Arabic family, 5 Lunas and the Andalusian rock in general. The satisfaction is mutual, the agreement has been fast, the two parties have been clear, and each one bets on the other. We will already notify of the release date because at the moment we are finishing details of the mixes and finalizing the graphic part of the design so that it is of a high level.



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