5 Lunas Producciones releases the second album of the group SHERISH under the name of “ESCAMPA”, where important musicians and great icons of Andalusian rock collaborate: Manuel Martínez and Manuel Ibañez de Medina Azahara, Paco Roscka de Mezquita, José Antonio Fernández Mariscal (El niño) of the group Cai, Miguel Galán and Manolo Reyes who were also members of Medina Azahara. Pilar Tejada, El Coro de los Estudiantes del Carnaval de Cádiz, Jesús Melli and rapper Samuray King.

Designed and modeled by the Granada artist Iris García Carvajal with a magnificent cover where the sun appears between the darkness of the clouds and “Escampa”. 5 Lunas launches a new work of Andalusian progressive rock with a lot of quality presented as usual taking care of the details to the maximum.

SHERISH present new songs where they demonstrate once again, the strength of the richness of their sounds with that arabesque magic that characterizes them. Indispensable album that can not miss in your discography of Andalusian rock.


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