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5 Lunas Producciones releases the second album of the group SHERISH under the name of “ESCAMPA”, where important musicians and great icons of Andalusian rock collaborate: Manuel Martínez and Manuel Ibañez de Medina Azahara, Paco Roscka de Mezquita, José Antonio Fernández Mariscal (El niño) of the group Cai, Miguel Galán and Manolo Reyes who were also members of Medina Azahara. Pilar Tejada, El Coro de los Estudiantes del Carnaval de Cádiz, Jesús Melli and rapper Samuray King.

Designed and modeled by the Granada artist Iris García Carvajal with a magnificent cover where the sun appears between the darkness of the clouds and “Escampa”. 5 Lunas launches a new work of Andalusian progressive rock with a lot of quality presented as usual taking care of the details to the maximum.

SHERISH present new songs where they demonstrate once again, the strength of the richness of their sounds with that arabesque magic that characterizes them. Indispensable album that can not miss in your discography of Andalusian rock.



The Andalusian rock group SHERISH presents the new edition of their first album “El Candil”

The place chosen is the room La Guarida del Ángel”

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 12:00 h. 5 LUNAS PRODUCTIONS in collaboration with the CULTURAL ASSOCIATION DOBLECEROCLUB and the living room THE ANGEL’S LAIR of Jerez, present in the aforementioned room, the new and very worked edition of the first album of the Jerez group SHERISH: “The Lamp”



(Jerez in Arabic) recorded “El Candil” in 2017 did not belong to the office of 5 Lunas Producciones. Now we rescue this first work with the challenge of making a total transformation. Not only is it presented in a new format (digifile) of beautiful vinyl cd with new graphic designs very attractive, and totally ecological. If not also, and this is the most important novelty, a work of musical archaeology has been carried out applying new mixes and meticulously recovering sounds and instruments that did not appear in the first edition. The icing on the cake has been that a new mastering has also been carried out, achieving a warmer and more analog sound, which we currently miss so much.

5 Moons It aims to enhance to the maximum the values and magic that this recording contained. The compositional quality and the waste of energy that the group gives off, was worth the effort.

Now we can enjoy this album again, because


It is one of the most prosperous groups of Andalusian progressive rock, with a marked Andalusian sound with arabesque passages and a great forcefulness in its rhythmic base. Another exponent of the so-called “new Andalusian rock” who aspire to take the baton of the legacy left by their legendary teachers and musicians who remain the main source of inspiration.

The sound of the group


It has a totally personal and unmistakable stamp that every time they get more followers. With this new Candil a new path is illuminated, which will be the preamble to the second album that we are currently recording and that we will publish before the end of the year.

It is also important to highlight the collaborations in this recording of artists such as: Fae Ramos (Los Delincuentes-Gipsy Rock), Randy López (Mezquita-Ex Medina Azahara), Paco Delgado (Cai), José Anillo, Fernando Caro, Jesús Melli and José Manuel Muñoz.

SHERISH – Reissue with new mixes and format of the album “El candil”

When SHERISH recorded “El candil” in 2017 it did not belong to the office of 5 Lunas Producciones and they did it in a self-produced way. When we were their manager we always wanted to produce a reissue of this album because we were convinced that we could get much more sound performance.

We are currently immersed in a pure work of sound archaeology, dusting off tracks and recovering sounds from that recording that Sherish made in Nashville Studios, because we do not want to record it again, it would not be the same, and the “magic” that that album had would be lost. We have reached an agreement with the technicians of Nashville and between them and 5 Lunas, we are dedicating time, care and a lot of love in reviewing track by track, second by second all the content of the recorded material. We can tell you that the result is being amazing and very surprising. The effort is worth it because 5 Lunas always bet on Sherish, and as in all previous editions of 5 Lunas, we are also very proud of this work.

So in full preparation and recording sessions of what will be Sherish’s second work, we launch with this reissue of “El candil” with a new format with the healthy intention of leaving the work in the place it deserves.

¡¡¡¡Sesigue defending and betting on the continuity of the legacy of Andalusian rock¡¡¡


Meeting in Jerez de la Frontera with Juanma Rodríguez (keyboardist and one of Sherish’s composers). We begin to address the production of what will be the second album of this magnificent Andalusian progressive rock band where they are especially characterized, apart from their originality and forcefulness, the arabesque and Andalusian sounds.

We face this work with great enthusiasm and with the conviction that it will end up being a discazo.


After it rains in the eyes it always scampes in the heart”

On February 14 at 20:00 hours, 5 LUNAS PRODUCCIONES and SHERISH will present exclusively the premiere of the video clip of our new song “Escampa”.

In this production we have had the important collaboration of Manuel Martínez (Singer of Medina Azahara), along with other musicians. We think that with “Escampa” we take another step forward to keep intact the goal of continuing to give a lot of life to Andalusian Progressive Rock.


Alberto Ramírez: Vocals and Drums.
Juanma Rodríguez: Keyboards and Piano.
Juan Antonio Ramírez: Electric guitars.
Diego Fernández: Electric bass.

*Lyrics: Alberto Ramírez & Manuel Martínez
*Music: Alberto Ramírez & Juanma Rodriguez
Produced by 5 Lunas Producciones and Sherish

*Manuel Martinez (Medina Azahara): Vocals
*Manuel Ibáñez (Medina Azahara): Backing vocals
*Jesús Melli (D ́Caramelo): Backing vocals
*Antonio Ramírez (Casa Andalucía de Leganés): Flamenco guitar

*Sound Recorded and Mastered in “Estudios Audiorama” (Puerto Real – Cádiz)
*Voice of Manuel Martínez and Choirs of Manuel Ibáñez recorded in “Estudios Samurai” (Córdoba)
*Flamenco guitar recorded at “Estudios Naninartwork” (Madrid)
*Videolyric: Underground Visuals




“After it rains in the eyes it always scampes in the heart”

5 Lunas Producciones will present in a few days the new video clip on the impeccable theme of our group: SHERISH. We are very satisfied with the production of “Escampa” because once again they demonstrate the potential of composition and execution of the band. From here we want to thank the outstanding collaboration of Manuel Martínez (Singer of Medina Azahara) and Manuel Ibañez (Medina Azahara). Jesús Melli (D’Caramelo) has also collaborated with the choirs. And Antonio Ramírez (Casa Andalucía de Leganés) with flamenco guitar.

Another peculiarity that “Escampa” has is that after 47 years, SHERISH reunites two musicians who played together in the first stage of “Retorno” (Juan Antonio Ramirez – guitar and Manuel Martínez – voice), a band that preceded MEDINA AZAHARA.

With them, “Escampa” became even bigger.

“After it rains in the eyes it always scampes in the heart”

Stay tuned for the news

Sherish – Latest work

The Jerez group SHERISH and 5 Lunas, finish the recording of their latest single “ESCAMPA”. We have the collaboration and support of well-known musicians of one of the most important bands of Andalusian rock whose names we will reveal later.

“ESCAMPA” is a song very much in the line of the band, where they show their influences and show the forcefulness of their particular sound with their arabesque influences.

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