When SHERISH recorded “El candil” in 2017 it did not belong to the office of 5 Lunas Producciones and they did it in a self-produced way. When we were their manager we always wanted to produce a reissue of this album because we were convinced that we could get much more sound performance.

We are currently immersed in a pure work of sound archaeology, dusting off tracks and recovering sounds from that recording that Sherish made in Nashville Studios, because we do not want to record it again, it would not be the same, and the “magic” that that album had would be lost. We have reached an agreement with the technicians of Nashville and between them and 5 Lunas, we are dedicating time, care and a lot of love in reviewing track by track, second by second all the content of the recorded material. We can tell you that the result is being amazing and very surprising. The effort is worth it because 5 Lunas always bet on Sherish, and as in all previous editions of 5 Lunas, we are also very proud of this work.

So in full preparation and recording sessions of what will be Sherish’s second work, we launch with this reissue of “El candil” with a new format with the healthy intention of leaving the work in the place it deserves.

¡¡¡¡Sesigue defending and betting on the continuity of the legacy of Andalusian rock¡¡¡

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