The Noche Andaluza 2021 tour begins with the participation of 5 Lunas Producciones

ANDALUSIAN NIGHT Tribute to Andalusian Rock. Show produced and directed by the guitarist JuanDelola, where the most representative songs of Andalusian Rock of the late 70s are reviewed as a tribute A whole musical and cultural movement that marked a whole generation, creating a before and after in Andalusian and Spanish music.


Enter. Nochand Andaluza (1983) ALAMEDA. On the Lake (1975) TRIANA. Aires de la alameda (1979) ALAMEDA. Walking through the mosque (1980) MEDINA AZAHARA. A Night of Desperate Love (1981) TRIANA . Baila gitana (1978) GUADALQUIVIR. Rumor (1977) TRIANA. Open Night (1980) CAI. Memories of a Night (1974) TRIANA. The March of the Dwarfs (1980) INDEPENDENT CALIPHATE MAGNET. Mr. Troncoso (1977) TRIANA. Al Andalus (1977) MIGUEL RÍOS. Everything is colored (1975) TRIANA. El garrotín (1971) SMASH. The legend of time (1979) SHRIMP. New Day (1975) LOLE AND MANUEL. Fresh Air (1977) DIEGO DE MORÓN. I want to tell you (1979) TRIANA. Recuerdos de mi tierra (1979) MOSQUE. Open the Door (1975) TRIANA. Your coldness (1980) TRIANA. MEDLEY MEDINA AZAHARA, 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Everything Has Its End (1992) – Words of Freedom (1993) – Cordoba (2003) – Speed (1989) – I Need to Breathe (1992 )

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