Yesterday, Friday, May 7, a talk – colloquium on Andalusian rock was held at the facilities of “La Térmica” in Malaga. Organized by the Diputación de Málaga and presented by Héctor Márquez, the origins and evolution of Andalusian rock were discussed. Pepe Roca from the Alameda group and Manuel Imán, from the Imán Califato Independiente group were the invited musicians to tell and directly share their experiences. Talk very well directed by Héctor who knew how to get out of Pepe and Manuel the most human and spontaneous side of each of them.

They dared to sing between the two some brushstrokes to illustrate musically the act that was widely applauded by the attendees.Activities like this and a lot of promotion in the media is what we need to increase the attendance of the public in the concerts of any band or musician that sustains an Andalusian rock show.

We attended the event very interested accompanied by the musician Juan Delola, who is also contributing his grain of sand to the genre, and we show once again the support and our commitment to Andalusian rock that we love passionately.


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