ARÁBIGA is an Andalusian rock band formed in 2007 in Lucena (Córdoba). They have a sound clearly influenced by two of the most representative groups of the genre such as Medina Azahara and Triana, but ARÁBIGA manages to give it its own style, making a melodic and direct Hard Rock. This sound is achieved thanks to the voice and sharp guitars of Mario J. Alcantara (Sefarad, AGO, Stingers), to the forcefulness of powerful bass lines and drums of Raul Torrico (Barataria) and Juan Antonio Muñoz (Gato Dylan, Na2ral), and the evocative melodic passages of the keyboards of José Pino (Sefarad, Luceria). The voice of Juan José Benítez in the first two albums, and Mario Alcántara at present, with a clearly Andalusian leave, brings that characteristic touch of groups of the style. His compositions are melodic and worked, with choruses that reach the audience with ease. They have a powerful live performance, they make the group have their own and very current sound.

They have two self-released albums (“Arábiga“, 2008, and “Retazos de Vida“, 2012), and after a time of inactivity, the group returns in 2021 to prepare their third album that will be published with 5 Lunas Producciones in 2022 with the title of “Amores y desengaños“.

His first self-titled album contains 13 tracks, and collaborations with several artists. With this work, the group tries to bring new ideas and a breath of fresh air to Andalusian rock. That same year they would be proclaimed finalists of several musical competitions, such as the 43rd FESTIVAL DE MÚSICA DE ANDALUCÍA, being the only Andalusian finalists.

The album obtains a very good acceptance by both the public and the specialized press, getting the TOP 5 of national rock sales in TIENDAS TIPO in June-July 2010, remaining among the 10 best sellers for 3 consecutive weeks.

The band presents its debut film throughout Spain in more than 80 concerts and sell more than 3000 copies. In November 2012 goes on sale his second album, “Retazos de Vida“. A book-disc with 32 pages in which it is possible to give a more literary sense to the work, developing in micro-stories the 12 themes of which it is composed. The album again receives important good reviews from the specialized press, even abroad. This album is placed directly in the TOP 2 OF SALES TYPE STORES in its first week, staying among the top 10 best sellers for several consecutive weeks. The band presents this new album live and have the collaboration of drummer Manuel Reyes (Ex-Medina Azahara).

In 2021, and after a period of inactivity, Arábiga returns with more strength and enthusiasm than ever. With the incorporation of Juan Antonio Muñoz to the drums (Gato Dylan, Na2ral), the group is preparing its third work, and hopes to meet again soon with its followers, distributed throughout the national geography and South America, from where they receive very good reviews and messages of support.




ARÁBIGA: “Desespero” – Videoclip oficial


ARÁBIGA / “Dejando media vida atrás” / JOKERS HOUSE (BCN)


ARÁBIGA – “Tras el Cristal”


ARÁBIGA: “Al Despertar” – Lyric Video


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