During the visit to Malaga of Manel Cantón, singer and Spanish guitarist of the group Montoro, we met with him to talk about everything a little. Between memories and laughter, we reviewed the current musical panorama and of course, we talked about projects.

Manel was the leader of the band, the one who pulled the cart and talking to him came up with the idea of making a CD edition of Montoro’s first album “Esencia” published in 1991. This first album of the Catalan group with Andalusian components, was recognized over time and after the dissolution of the band. Montoro were loyal admirers of Triana. Its members had Andalusian roots (Córdoba and Granada) and were so impacted by Triana’s music and philosophy of life that their music was highly influenced by them. So much so that they even dedicated a song to Don Jesús de la Rosa.

We will work on the idea of publishing on CD that wonderful work called “Essence” with the intention of disseminating his music and offering the possibility to those who no longer have turntables to play that LP, to be able to listen to this group.

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