One of the main objectives of 5 LUNAS PRODUCCIONES is to support Andalusian rock as a musical and cultural heritage of Andalusia that cannot be missed. In the province of Jaén there was never an Andalusian rock group, that we have reference, until today, that we have discovered a band that begins to take its first steps with a tremendous illusion.

5 LUNAS will publish for the end of July, beginning of August, the first album of the Jaennense group GRANDE CRUZ that will be called “Regreso al sur”. New initiative with its own themes to reinforce the reconquest of Andalusian rock town by town, province by province throughout Andalusia. It is evident that there is a resurgence of rock music in Andalusia and 5 LUNAS continues its fight in defense of it. First group of Jaen, hopefully continue to emerge more, it seems that the new Andalusian rock continues its march.

Long life to Andalusian rock!!

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